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Becoming Too Virtual

Road Warriors Require Flexibility

To be a true road warrior, you need multiple avenues to accomplish the same task. I am currently down state for a multi day series of events for one of my friend’s fortieth birthday celebrations. This schedule is basically to party at night and work during the day.

When I arrived at my friend’s house, I discovered there was no wireless network. Luckily, I was able to receive emails on my Blackberry to know basically what was going on. We realized that one of our clients had been defaulted on a complaint they never forwarded to us. Of course, the motion to set aside the default had to be filed today. I needed to dictate some documents. I have my portable dictation device. I have my dictation software on my laptop. But my laptop could not connect to the Internet.

My friend did have an old desktop computer with an Internet connection. I logged onto our web dictation system and was able to dictate the motion to set aside default with only an Internet connection and a log in account.

True road warriors need two or three different ways to accomplish tasks on the road. When one avenue is blocked, another one is available. The beauty of web-based systems, such as our extranet and our web dictation, is that you only need "a" computer connected to the Internet. It does not have to be your computer.


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