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Capital is the key to success in any business, but in the world of new-age firms that can virtually start from anywhere, you need to be willing to continually re-invest in order to maintain a firm that is just as high-tech it is supposed to be.

Your ability to do email correspondence and upload files to an extranet is a great asset that does give you a step ahead of the competition, but without continued research and investment of capital, that boost can quickly fall back into the pack. Any business that is so heavily dependant upon the internet needs to have the best in available technology so that they can best harness and utlitize the abilities that are sustained by it. High-tech isn't something you purchase once, you must continually strive to maintain that title.

Today, these are necessary tools that support the title of "high-tech":
Up-to-date projectors that allow you to display your models to clients much easier and cleaner than binders and photocopies;
Mobile computing capacity so that you can access your work from anywhere, be it at home, the coffee shop, or even the courtroom;
Small digital recorders so your ability to dictate expands farther than your access to files;
Networking and Server capabilities that encompass all computers within your office;
and the countless different software options that give you the ability to monitor email status, organize filing systems and transfer large-size files online.

There are many more pieces of technology that are just as necessary, and even some of these you can get around, but it is so important for new-age firms to stay at the leading-edge of technology because they are the firms that are most aided by new-found abilities. You dove into the new-age wave to gain efficiency and capacity, but both are subjective terms that can easily be lost if you don't remain mindful of current technological breakthroughs.
Do not let yourself fall behind, use capital for what it is for: investing in your business.


Jamie Parks

Great post, I agree 100%.

Is your referral to 'new-age' the same as 'net-age?' Something about the term new-age reminds me of the spiritual revival of the 1980's.


I like net-age. Perhaps tech-age?


In the age of hypercompetition, even within the professional white collar advisory space, technology is a very effective differentiator. The challenge of course is to stay abreast of developments while continuing to bill time to clients! With the increasing prevalence of braodband, data streaming, extranets, shared workspaces, data rooms etc, it is possible to make information available to the client in almost real time.

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