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Think Big

If you really want to get ahead in the world of business, you need to think big. Whether it's an entire marketing strategy or a revenue objective, the only way in which to make yours a great operation is to set out with high goals in mind.

Its so important to "go big" because to do any less would be to sell your business short. You have a definite faith in your product, so why wouldn't you want to maximize customers? I mean, if you set little goals, aren't you just stunting your growth? Accepting the accomplishment of a little goal as an achievement in itself, when in fact you have the capacity to do so much more?

This "big thinking" is so important in the world of new-age firms because you have a product that is on the verge of an explosion of popularity and is multitudes better than old-style competition. Think big. New-age firms are the next generation for the practice of law, and it is in both your, and every clients', best interest for the end of old-style firms to come as soon as possible. So make it happen! Start up a large marketing campaign to trumpet your technological advantage and set a challenging goal for a minimum client load. Don't allow yourself to accept small, aim big.


Carolyn Elefant

You are so right, GAL, those of us who start firms need to think big. That is my resolution for 2007.

Nicola Prall

It's good to think big - and to write those big ideas down where you can look back to see them. It is easy, I think, to become discouraged when things are not going well. But, looking at the "think big" ideas can give business owners the boost they need to keep moving towards the high goal.


What a great resolution Carolyn. Maybe I'll join you and try to 'think bigger.' I think that after a couple of years, you can get conservative, and more risk adverse. When you made the initial jump to solo-practice, you jumped off a cliff. When was the last time we can say we were that fearless? I'm in!

Nick Glauch

I definitely agree with Nicola, writing down goals in the business world is a must, because otherwise they turn into "great ideas I had once". To go along with that too, its also important to let your staff know your goals and keep them at the forefront of your operation as often as possible.

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