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Focus: 2007

Looking out onto the coming year, there are many different resolutions that hold a lot of promise for 2007. One of these is a re-dedication to the focus required to succeed against any goal we set for ourselves. Everyone knows the saying "you can do anything if you put your mind to it", but in 2006 there were instances where my mind was off from what I had set out to do, and my ability to do 'anything' was reduced.

Too often it is too easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of anything you do and loose the focus that is required to stay afloat and expand in the business world. This is a danger those of us in the tech-age sector of the field of law must always be cognizant of. Technology in our field has the ability to change the face of the entire adversarial system, but its utilities and capacities can only supplement sound legal knowledge and argument; whose achievement can only be brought about through focused and dedicated work.

So let 2007 be a year in which we are dedicated to the work that makes us good attorneys. A year in which our ability to outperform our competitors, both inside and outside the courtroom is greatly enhanced; where we best them with both an extranet and an inspiring closing argument. The coming year is bound to have new technologies that we can test-drive and harness, but lets also maintain a focus on the fundamentals of the work that keep our doors open.


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