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Focus: 2007

Project Management Technology

The technology known as Basecamp has been used in my firm for a while now. Through the technology we communicate with our virtual workers, assign tasks to specific cases and do most of what make us high-tech; however, Basecamp is a technology not meant to revolutionize the way that lawyers do their work, but to revolutionize the way in which any project of any kind is managed.

I have recently received word that a former employee at my firm, who is now off at college, has decided to test-drive Basecamp for a project he is in charge of in his student government. His goals may be very different than mine, but the commonality between us is that we are both leading projects with large tasks, and many people working together. As different as our projects may be, we both have seen the same increase in efficiency, transparency, and control that have greatly benefited our work.

The great thing about Basecamp is that you can achieve the common traits that make any project run smoother and faster, regardless of the nature of the project. Whether you are running a law firm or a student government project, a used-car dealership or a huge corporation; Basecamp will help you complete the projects that you set for yourself. If you have never tried Basecamp, regardless if your an attorney or not, I urge you to try their free account and see for yourself how your project can benefit.



You might want to keep an eye on It's an opensource basecamp clone, which is looking pretty good.

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