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There are three things that are absolutely necessary in selling your product according to Dr. Don Sexton of "Trump University". These include a clarity in your advertisements, relevance to your customers and uniqueness within the market.

Tech-age firms fulfill two of the three traits simply because of their nature. High-tech firms can provide a service of a higher quality, in a shorter time and at a lower price than old-style firms - all aspects that are extremely important to anyone in need of an attorney. The uniqueness of a tech-age firm cannot be disputed. We use email and the internet to be more connected and transparent to our clients. The connection that we can create cannot be matched by simple email, and absolutely not with billed phone calls and "snail mail". The transparency that we offer is something firms without our capabilities cannot even dream of. Utilizing the internet and giving clients their own unique name and password so that they can see everything that the attorney and paralegal do, allows clients to remain on top of the issue that they are paying thousands of dollars to have litigated in a way impossible without our technology.

The final key to achieving the sustainable income and client base that is needed within any business, according to Dr. Sexton, is a clarity within your marketing strategy. This clarity can be achieved in different ways depending on the specifics of your firm or business, but by highlighting both what makes you unique and all of the advances that allow you to beat your competition in every aspect of the job, you can have a clear marketing campaign which separates you from your competitors.

That is what is so great about tech-age firms - once you get them up and running, the rest is easy. Just by being  high-tech, you eliminate the hardest aspect of any business - separating yourself from your competitors. The very nature of your business brings both relevance and uniqueness - and achieving clarity in your marketing is close behind.

Referenced: "Build Your Benefit Advantage" by Dr. Don Sexton.



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