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Have I Really Just Created a New Business Model Altogether?

My clients see the value of our extranet system. When I bring them in to show them how we drive the extranet with digital dictation they are amazed. When I show them how portable dictation allows you to create and assign tasks from anywhere, you could almost see the light bulb coming on. When I explain to them that I typically dictate tasks in the evenings, when I roll out of bed in the morning and after I get out of the shower, their eyebrows typically raise (probably as they’re trying not to think of me getting out of the shower).

We have had one substantial client who has completely adopted our internal management system, including a full set up of digital dictation devices, an extranet and the resulting purely task based system that results. They’re using our extranet managers/typist to enter the information into the extranet. All of their digital dictation routes directly to our team.

As much fun as it was to see our internal system evolve, it is even more fun to watch a one hundred-person company explode as management adopts a web-enabled, task-based system of management powered by digital dictation.

I always used to say that it was unusual for a single attorney to be able to keep four internal staff and four to eight external virtual workers busy month in and month out. I would always tell people that it was digital dictation that allowed me to manage this large of a group, and drive projects forward by being both the coach and quarterback. I have now seen it create the same result in a large automobile dealership. What we were doing at my firm translates across virtually any other business model.


Bill Simms

I enjoy reading about your workflow methodologies and would love to see more. You have got me looking at Basecamp and I see why you like it. One thing it seems to lack, however, is a built in vehicle for prioritization and assignment of due dates for particular tasks. Was wondering if you would discuss how your firm prioritizes the tasks you dictate and/or assigns dates for completion of various stages of the task list.

Nick Glauch

Mr. Simms - I also use basecamp for my project management needs, and you may want to explore the option that allows you to connect your to-do lists with a milestone - it allows you to connect a particular list with a due date for an assignment, which is close to what I think you are looking for.

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