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Opportunity in the Holidays

The ability to commercialize the holidays was a trick that our friends in the retail businesses mastered quite a long time ago. Just think about the difference in spending that you, personally, do when this time of the year comes around. That huge increase is due to the work that has been done by those timeless entrepreneurs that have not been in their store for a long time.

This is a trick that us in the legal field can make our own as well. While a firm cannot really take advantage of a holiday the way that some retail businesses can, we can use this opportunity to remind our faithful clients that we are around. So take the opportunity of the holidays and send your clients a nice card or basket, and I know that your "investment" will pay itself back later.

This is especially great if you are a new firm with a short list of clients. In our line of work its so important to have a dedicated set of clients whom you work with on a regular occasion, and at this time of the year, you have a great excuse to show some appreciation and make a personal connection that firms who don't have their address just can't make.

So get in the spirit! Spend a little bit of personal time on your clients - it doesn't even need to be that much time. Just google "deliverable gift baskets" and you can place an order within seconds.


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