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Don’t Bother Trying to Sort Your Email

Anyone who is trying to find email within their Outlook inbox knows the difficulty and challenges which exist finding important information. The search functions of the Outlook inbox is-well-a joke. Watching that little magnifying glass go in circles is a pathetic waste of time.

Some people highlight an email from a person and then sort their inbox by that person’s name. This allows you to see all of the email from that particular person. But it won’t show you your responses to that person which are in your outbox or sent mail folder. And sometimes people use multiple email addresses.

If you are stumbling around in your email inbox trying to find information then you are failing to take advantage of some of the great technology which exist there to help you. Copernic Desktop search is a much better tool to look for email. This is a free tool which you can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. It constantly searches and indexes your email folders. This includes your inbox, outbox and all data in between. When you want to find a particular email from a particular person, you could just search by that person’s name. There are advanced searches and there are basic searches. The key, however, is that you can pull up that information in less than a second. Unlike the Outlook search mechanism, Copernic search results are virtually instantaneous.

So what are you waiting for? Download Copernic now or tryout the Google Desktop Search Tool. Not only will they save you time, they will make you much more productive. And when was the last time that someone offered to reduce your malpractice risk for free?


Nelson Ireson

This is a very good hack for those addicted to Outlook; for others, Gmail is a good solution. It shows "conversations" rather than just single emails, is thoroughly searchable (that is what Google's known for, after all) and can be organized just about any way you like.

If you haven't checked it out yet, I recommend at least taking a look. There are also several good tutorials around the web to help get the most out of Gmail.


I have never been able to warm up to web mail. Don't get me wrong. I love my gmail for my GAL email. Bu no way could I use it for my front line email program. Web -based is still too slow and klunky. I have to dictate and have someone else navigate the web for me...

I can't imagine posting my own to-do items in the extranet. Outlook still wins for portability. You don't need an internet connectoon to work aggressively with your inbox.

Enre Enre

Email is out. Conversations are the future. Can you see it coming? I can. Knock Knock. It is here. It's been here since 1995.

They say the end user was not ready yet? Have you bend to the end-user's house recently? The end-user is ready.

Can someone say 'communities'? RSS, Blogs, Youtube. Hmmm. Seems something is afoot, don't you think? Or don't you think? Please, lets all think.

Email is the snail mail. Get on your best threads, BBS is no BS.

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