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The Advantage of Bulletin Boards Over Email

I have posted recently on challenges posed by the email inbox here and here. One of the advantages of our extranet system is that it contains a bulletin board system (BBS) inside the application. While not all of our clients communicate exclusively through the bulletin board, over 50% of the communication goes through there.

The advantage of the BBS is that it threads discussions much like Google’s gmail. There is no danger of a message or a comment to a message getting lost within the extranet. Everything is preserved in a single place and sorted by client and matter. Everyone on the team can see the communication, drastically reducing the chance that something will get lost in the mix. The problem with email is that it is typically uncategorized. Sure, people create folder systems in their email inbox and work diligently to put ingoing and outgoing emails into the appropriate folder. That approach is foolhardy. It takes way too much time to file emails by folder. Further, the risk that you’ll miss an important email makes the approach incredibly high-risk. By working through the extranet, emails are automatically sorted and categorized. This is one of the many advantages which an extranet has to offer.


Grant Griffiths

Exactly. And the my clients love it too.


Why is this not a top shelf issue for firms? I don't get it. My email right now is stuffed with flagged items.

Am I too busy? Is technology making me too accessible?

Am I unique? Am I too transparent? Has 24x7 somehow become 48 x7?

I feel like I need to build a Noah's Ark For Email.


Who would have thought that BBS software would take hold as a key application for business communications? UBB BBS is one of the last pure BBS software developers. So many free BBS applications died on the vine. I see gmail's threaded discussions and extranet BBS systems really starting to take hold.


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Robert Williamson

I opened a basecamp extranet account, and I am experimenting with client's using its features including the bulletin board and white board. Have you looked into how secure the service is? Do you take any extraordinary precautions?


We have used them for over a year. They are run by 37 signals, a very reputable company. We have had zero security issues.

Of course security is a relative term. Most every email travels the internet unencrypted (unlike basecamp's bbs which is encrypted). laptops are used in planes and coffee shops. We think the risk-reward favors use of basecamp for us and our clients.

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