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The Urge To Undress and Unmask.

Robert Ambrogi over at the law.com blog network recently posted about the apparent trend of unmasking by anonymous lawyers. Here is his post in total (there was too much great information here to edit or summarize) which can be found here.

"As trends among lawyers go, the urge to unmask online is far less disturbing than the urge to undress in public buildings. The latter trend apparently got its start in Ohio, when a prosecutor was caught walking naked through a government office building. Now comes the Philadelphia lawyer who yesterday inexplicably decided to disrobe in a courthouse conference room -- in the presence of a 14-year-old girl, no less.

Equally inexplicable but far more preferable is the apparent trend among lawyers who blog anonymously to unmask themselves. We all know the story of David Lat's coming out. A trailblazer in telling all, he toils now, no longer in obscurity, at the legal-gossip blog Above the Law. But that was late in 2005. Other anonymous legal bloggers seemed content to stay safely behind their masks. Until recently, that is.

Maybe The Wired GC is to blame. As reported here in December, this hitherto anonymous blogger announced that he would unmask himself sometime in January. (We're waitinggg ...) Soon after, also as reported here, the anonymous editor of Blawg Review challenged readers to unmask his identity. (They failed.) Now, as that same anonymous editor reports, another unmasking is in the offing. This time, it is the anonymous author of The Greatest American Lawyer, who has launched a contest, Who's that GAL? to guess his true identity.

We welcome lawyers to remove their masks. We urge them, however, to keep their clothes on -- at least in public."

Robert also hosts the Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites blog and is the author of the book "The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web." He also writes the Media Law blog and co-writes Legal Blog Watch. Incredibly, he also co-hosts the Legal Affairs podcast coast to coast.


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