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Things I hate about voicemail

Many people have commented over the last few years about the positives and negatives of voicemail. Some people don’t like having to speak to a recorder as opposed to a live body. I’ve always thought that was nonsense. The ability to provide a voice message to someone on an important issue is a huge step forward.

My problem with voicemail is that it takes forever to get to the message if you are on the receiving end. Why do you have to punch codes five levels deep in order to listen to your message? If I touch the "messages" button on my phone, that should be indication enough that I want to hear my voicemail messages. I shouldn’t have to enter my extension number. It should know my extension. I shouldn’t have to enter a password. I lock my offices and control who comes in and out. I don’t need a password to protect voicemail messages. I don’t need someone whether or not I want to listen to the message. Why should I have to press "0" to listen to my messages?

In the age of technology, speed is everything. Voicemail vendors need to get smart. They need to design systems that allow someone to grab voicemail with a single touch of the button and immediate access. My voicemail system, and most of the ones I’ve dealt with over the years, are exercises in overkill.

Does anyone know of a system out there that works better?


Nick Glauch

Sorry GAL, I don't know of any system that works better, but just to help in your search, I think that it is helpful to know the time that the message was received, a feature I have lost with my new mobile, and wish I had back.

Basil Stavropoulos

Yes, it's called "voice to email" and is available with SIPP phones used in voip systems. You get the voicemail sound file sent to you as an attachment to an email.

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