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Who is that GAL? Contest Update.

I have been trying to think of a clever name for our contest asking readers to guess the identity of GAL by sending an email to greatest.american We have received a significant number of guesses thus far, most of them completely accurate. There are lots of hints out there and trails for you to follow.  Put on your Google thinking cap and it won't take long for you the figure out WHO I really am.

I also asked for ideas about a contest name. one of our avid readers David Carson from the Pelud & Carson Law firm. David suggested "Name that GAL." I have tweaked the submission slightly to rename the contest "Who’s that GAL?"

So welcome to the "Who’s that GAL" contest where readers are invited to guess who the Greatest American Lawyer author really is. We have contacted a couple of companies about potential sponsorships for our contest. In the meantime, you should know that prizes will include a week long stay at a condominium located at The Homestead Freshwater Resort in Glen Arbor, Michigan ($1,000 value, limits on availability), an iPod nano and miscellaneous other prizes. More prizes will be added as we go.

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In the meantime, here are the contest rules:

  1. Do a little internet research and see if you can figure who the author of The Greatest American Lawyer Blog really is. Send submissions to
  2. Contest applicants must be 18 years or older to participate.
  3. Yes, if you in fact know who The Greatest American Lawyer is, you can still enter the contest.
  4. The contest will close at midnight on February 9, 2007. Contest winners will be drawn at random on February 10, 2007 and announced on-line.
  5. The more contest applicants we have, the greater chance for sponsorships and great prizes so feel free to post this contest on your blog.

Read more about entries on the contest here.


Carolyn Elefant

And what about the contest for those of us who already know your identity...?

Carolyn Elefant

OK, I see, Rule 3.


Hi Carolyn: Enter enter enter. If you are lucky enough to know me already... well then you must be pretty lucky :-)


I think it is Ed. You know. Ed from Blawg review? If not GAL, who is this person Ed? Lurking out there in the blogosphere. Knowing who you are. But you not knowing who he/she is. Creepy, huh?

Kind of like GAL in that stupid red cape. Did you see how hard he hits the wall in the video? I mean, the suit is protecting his brain from neurologic injury? Come on, please ...... I think GAL and the blond dude are living in a fantasy world.

How do we even know the stuff he talks about is real?

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