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A Tribute to Those Who Maintain the Shroud

Now, I may stand in a long line of anonymous writers from our history, but I also stand in line with thousands of others who are blogging for the same reasons that I am and doing great work from their own little nook of the globe.

As I leave the ranks of the anonymous blogger, I want to say goodbye to the colleagues I knew, but never really...

Ed, over at Blawg Review, you have done marvels for the blogging "profession." I think that Carolyn Elefant said it right, that Blawg Review has drawn thousands of "new readers to new blogs"; but, perhaps what Diane at the Online Guide to Meditation said was best, you "created a very public and vibrant town square for legal bloggers where all voices can be heard".

Jeremy Blachman from Anonymous Lawyer is another blogger to say goodbye to. During the Civil Rights Movement, it was a young lawyer named Nathan Margold who wrote the NAACP's strategy to combat segregation; the NAACP chose the recent graduate because it was only from someone just out of law school that such an aggressive and high reaching plan could come. Great things can, and have, come from those far from a partnership, and Blachman's blog is evidence of that.

Lonely Girl 15, not exactly the legal/professional motivation as the others, but your contributions to the Blogosphere is of just as much importance. Blogs have the potential to give us insight into the world we live, especially from perspectives different from our own - this is what LG15 did, and thank you for that.

Wired GC is another among the anonymous law blogs to bid a fond farewell. From under your shroud (soon to be revealed as well), your commentary brought to light so many questions both everyday Americans, and battle-hardened attorneys ask themselves each day. In a world in which everything you do is just another aspect of the competition, I appreciate those, like Wired GC, who step out to give a real commentary on the field in which we all operate.

The bloggers over at Law.com are another to highlight. While you people aren't necessarily anonymous, the all-encompassing nature of your different feeds spread information to the far reaches of the globe. Specifically, I would like to say thank you for the inside opinions, a great update on the field as it all goes by.

To everyone, thank you. Your comments on my posts and your own-authored posts on your own blogs have deepened my understanding of this field and life in general. Whether or not I will ever know some of your names, I feel like I can count you among friends. Thanks.


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