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Do lawyers deserve all the jokes?

The Simple Kind of Life blog had this to say about lawyers:

We wouldn’t have lawyer jokes if lawyers weren’t notorious for bad behavior. Billing clients by the nanosecond every time they think of your case, charging outrageous fees for filing and copying documents, charging high retainers that average people can’t afford, and shady back room deals made to get sleazy clients off. Yep, it’s no wonder lawyers get a bad rap. They enter law school as young, fresh eyes, ready to take on the world…and then discover that being honest and ethical usually doesn’t equal the big bucks.

The author comments on a law firm out of New York offering "70% lower fees. No Bull." The hourly rate is quoted at $97.00/hr for the Brodsky law firm. I particularly love the "purple cow guarantee" which can be found here. First of all, I love the color purple. So the Brodsky law firm gets two thumbs up on color awareness. Second, I love the alternative approach to their model and their marketing. Third, it is clear that the Brodsky law firm is offering several commoditized services such as incorporating, contract review, green cards, wills, and other projects which, with the proper business process, can be done much more effectively and efficiently. It appears that the Brodsky law firm is simply passing along the savings of that process to clients.


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