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Judge’s Ruling In Anna Nicole Smith Burial Hearing

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The high-profile battle over the former Playmate's body has raged since Smith's untimely death on February 8. Both her estranged mother, Virgie Arthur, and Smith's former attorney, Howard K. Stern, want to handle her funeral arrangements in different ways — with Arthur wanting to bury Smith in her home state of Texas, and Stern wanting to bury her in the Bahamas, where he and Smith resided prior to her death.

I happened to be driving in my car when Judge Larry Seidlin s’s ruling came down in the Anna Nicole Smith case pending in Florida (I taped the ruling with my portable dictation device, pulled over, found an open wireless network and posted this.  It may be the first posting on the internet).

By the way, he gave Anna Nicole Smith’s body to the baby’s gaurdian ad litem. Giving the body to a newborn baby’s attorney is ridiculous. Like the baby has an opinion on the issue.

The Judge was a wacky as they come. The pundits seemed to both like him and hate him. But they all missed the point. Judges aren’t supposed to be media magnets. They are not supposed to insert themselves into the proceeding. They are supposed to be invisible. The don’t make law. They apply law. They are supposed to do so neutrally and, to the degree possible, invisibly.

This Judge cried from the bench and constantly brought the spotlight onto himself. Our justice system suffers more from bad judges, than bad plaintiffs or bad lawyers.

Given Anna Nicole’s fight over John Marshall’s remains, I guess this is just karma. What goes around comes around.

Just like the OJ trial, media trial’s like this make our justice system seem a joke. This Judge fed right into the media circus and became the rignleader. Tears from the bench! Come on….. Listen for yourself and let me know if this Judge doesn’t make your stomach turn… and turn our justice system on it's head.

Judge's Ruling



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