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Speaking of the Client…

One of the many benefits of going through the previous exercise which forces you to analyze all aspects of the client’s interest is that it tends to spit out something we call "strategy." The high hourly rates that lawyers charge are no secret. We are supposed to earn that hourly rate doing high-level things for our clients. Too often, lawyers spend too little time on strategy.

Sure, we have some general idea of what we are going to emphasize and how we’re going to defend or prosecute a matter. But the high-level strategy that I am speaking about is several steps beyond the general sense of how a case might be won or a matter resolved.

Let’s face it. Either you will deliver tremendous value to your client or you won’t. By constantly forcing yourself to put yourself in your client’s shoes, allows you the chance of identifying real client goals. Once you have identified tangible and documented client goals, a good lawyer can continually focus on the strategy that can reasonably achieve those goals. A great lawyer will be obsessed with this mission.


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