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The Early Days Of Blogging

My old firm's latest lawsuit attack brings back such great memories. Back in the days I left my firm, blogging was a very fringe activity. No big firms did it. It was an experiment by those of us interested in technology and search engines. People like Dennis Kennedy, Ernie the Attorney, and Carolyn Elefant at MyShinge were blazing new trails. No one knew where those trails would lead. For the first year of my practice the debate raged - can blogging be done for business purposes? The debate goes on today. Blogging is still largely for innovators and evangelists. Blogging was about immediacy, typos, and stream of consciousness. The templates available for blogs were one-step below what we now know as myspace.

However, the old firm, having seen my current success, now wants its cut, not of what existed when I left, (They got all the cases that came in through the blog while I was at the firm) but what I have created since I left! Can anyone spell w-a-i-v-e-r (whoops, maybe Big Boss' son shouldn't have alleged in the complaint that he knew I had blogs while I was there, I took them with me and did nothing for two years until after losing on unrelated litigation).

So stay tuned. This one will be even more interesting and perhaps has implications for many of you who blog at your firm.


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