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Let's Embrace the Anonymous Blogger

Who Am I Really

I had an interesting thought the other day. Do you really know who I am by simply learning my name and the name of my law firm?

Through all the controversy about anonymous bloggers over the years, I have to say that on the eve of coming out that anonymous blogging is critical to the continue success of blogging in general. You know me better because I was anonymous. You know me better because I was anonymous from the get-go. You know me better because I thought I could say whatever I wanted to say, directly from the heart.

What is lost in accountability is gained in candor. But the most compelling thing to me is this. How many people don’t blog because they would never want their employer, their friend, their associate, their partners, there family, their community, etc., etc., etc., to know what they really thought?

What if anonymous blogging was embraced and promoted. I envision an army of tens of thousands of employees and partners working for big corporations telling their story.

So let’s rethink our ambivalence of the anonymous blogger. Yes there will be those like Jeremy Blackman at the Anonymous Lawyer Blog to fool us. But there will be more of us who recount life at a personal level that would otherwise be lost for lack of a forum.


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