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Google Earth Captures Cruise Missile

The new technologies that are coming out of the second wave of the internet are amazing. From Google Earth to netvibes; basecamp to myspace, the internet is being fused together for easy use and higher efficiency. Web 2.0 technologies are bringing the world before our fingertips, with so much to explore.

But there are often "unforeseen" consequences of these new tools, as The Register, found out.

According to The Register, Google Earth viewers can find a cruise missile soaring above the beautiful tundras of Utah. According to the article, it is unknown whether this flying object is a Tomahawk Cruise Missile, or just a run of the mill cruise missile; personally I don't know my ballistic projectiles enough to give an expert opinion.


Paul Pomes

According to the comments with the story, it's more likely to be a passenger jet as a) it's ~30m long (cruise missiles are 5-7m), b) it has cockpit windows in front, c) there are twin exhaust plumes, and d) its trajectory is along an established airway (J-11 between the Bryce Canyon and Fairfield VORs)

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