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Michigan Threshold of Death

One of the fascinating things about having a website that has high traffic is seeing the search terms that find their way to your site.  For instance, I noticed the other day that the website logged number two on Google with this search query: "Michigan threshold of death." 

I don’t know whether to be shocked, amazed or proud.  Regardless, these types of oddball search results remind us that (1) content diversity is important on our web sites and (2) the power of Google is truly staggering. 

We should never underestimate that many people find our websites as a result of putting in non-obvious and even strange search terms.  We should never forget that content is key.  We should never forget that the diversity of search words is as important as the density of obvious key words.  You aren’t blogging if you aren’t generating lots and lots of vertical content. Get blogging!  Ignore my message at your peril; I am the Michigan threshold of death!

What are your strange keyword results?


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