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Microsoft < Google

As has been posted before, exciting things are happening within the "walls" of Google, but according to's Elinor Mills, Google is still surpassing expectations in the outer market. "For the first time, Google has surpassed Microsoft in worldwide visits to its web sites" says Mills, whose information comes from comScore, a company that "provide[s] a continuous, real-time measurement of the myriad ways in which the Internet is used".

Mills' article also cites a 13% increase in unique visitors to Google web sites when compared to a year ago, which is higher than all competitors within the search engine market.

With Google reaching this new height, it is a further reminder of the identity of the "big man on campus" and how Google is the one that high-tech firms like ours have to deal with if they want to successfully reach consumers. While it is a sobering realization of the market power that is in the hands of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, there isn't all bad news.

That reported 13% increase in unique visitors is only a representation of the huge numbers of people who are making their first overtures with the internet. With Google finding these new consumers, we can safely assume that a fraction of them are now receptive to your web-marketing campaigns and high-tech message. This growth means the consumer base to which you are constantly trying to coerce, is greatly increasing in number every year - which is good news in my book.


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