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Reputation: Easier to Build Now than in Elementary School

The legal market is one that is highly dependent on many things, but high on that list "reputation" can be found. It is reputation that precedes your face in the mind of the client, can often shape your interactions with opposing counsel, and even affect the way in which you deal with judges. However, the problem is that oftentimes for the single-attorney firms (especially high-tech ones) basic reputations don't exist.

How can a client have any idea of what to expect when the very thing that marks your firm has no precedent in his experience? And when dealing with legal troubles and everything that goes along with that, how ready are they going to be to go for something unprecedented and unique? The answer is not very.

To offset this inherent "uniqueness" that is found in firms like ours, it is extremely important to utilize the tools available to you to create that very reputation that will ease the worry of your clients, set a standard to which their future legal dealings will measured, and even create distinction for yourself in this competitive market.

The importance of creating a reputation cannot be underestimated, and while it seems like a simple concept, the fact of the matter is that a reputation is something "traditional" firms don't necessarily have to worry about. However, a reputation is extremely important for those who don't have it, and too often high-tech firms are the ones lacking.

Luckily, the internet is the great equalizer, and with the high-tech firm's inherent ability to take full advantage of the World Wide Web, creating a powerful reputation is not an impossible task.


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