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Vacation Elation

Vacation Elation

I am back from my 11-day vacation in Florida with the family. My firm has been growing and expanding so much these last six months that several changes have occurred. As you know from previous posts, my brother Mark has joined the firm. He is now starting his second month. This has been a huge relief. I needed another "me" in the office in order to handle demand.

But for five months, I was being pushed beyond maximum capacity. This vacation was long overdue.

You never realize how bad you needed a vacation until you come back from one. My calmness and focus are at a completely different level than pre-vacation. It makes me realize how important it is to get away from the office, not only from a personal sanity point of view, but from a client service point of view.

How can we expect to service our clients if we are overworked? The pressures of being a worker at any level eventually build up. From our staff on up, vacations should be a key component of any firm’s client service model. Managers should be responsible for ensuring that their workers get the appropriate time away from the office in order to stay balanced, refreshed and motivated. In order to get 110% out of your team, you must ensure that everyone gets away on a regular basis.

Al, that means you buddy. We need to get you scheduled for a week vacation sometime soon.


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