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Hourly Billing Breeds Complacency

Using Mindjet Mind Manager Software as a Case Management Tool.

I’ve posted before about the Mindjet MindManager program. I’m beginning to use this software more aggressively for a variety of legal matters. I would recommend that everyone try a free trial. It is incredibly helpful in organizing and mapping projects.

Think of the mind-mapping program as an outline tool on steroids. The ability to move topics, subtopics and lower level topics easily around the graphical desktop really allows for easy organization. This software is perfect decision trees and for developing a plan of attack which could then be executed. We use the software to define projects in tremendous detail. We continue to update the mind map as the project moves forward, with everything driving towards the documented deliverables, which are set out on the front-end. The to-do items that arise, of course, get plugged directly into our extranet.



Could Mindjet be used to unpackage and examine the reasoning of a reported case or series of cases, or would it be overkill.


No way would it be overkill. That is a great application of MindJet. It is the best analysis tool I have ever used.

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