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A Different Perspective of Making Things Happen.

If we were to solve the riddle of how things happen, we would’ve in fact solved the riddle of the universe.  I’ve always been a student of the universe-exploring how and why things happen. 

This morning I woke up early while it was still dark.  The light in my closet has been out for two months.  It makes it challenging getting ready in the morning when it’s still dark and the only light is on the other side of the bedroom. 

I’m cleaning out the garage today.  I would love to listen to old Prince songs while I am doing my chores.  My wife has an Altec Lansing inMotion boom box for her iPod.  I began looking for a place to plug it in outside.  It then occurred to me that batteries were a better option.  We’ve owned the boom box for over a year.  But there’s never been a battery in it.

These and others realities are faced by us every day.  What decides whether something happens or doesn’t happen?



"What decides whether something happens or doesn’t happen?"

Sometimes it all comes down to what music's on.

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