Knowing it will happen
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The Power of Confidence

There is a big difference between believing that something can happen, and believing it will happen.  In starting this firm, I rarely if ever questioned whether I would be able to make it happen.  I pursued each day, believing that my success was inevitable.  I started blogging about obtaining business off the Internet from the very beginning of startup.  In my heart, I believed that business would come through my websites.  I posted passionately about obtaining clients as a result of the search engine results obtained through blogging.

In retrospect, I generated a relative few clients my first year of startup off of my various blogs.  But some of the cases were big time damages cases.  In reviewing the statistics, I see that I was blogging about obtaining clients from the Internet before I was actually obtaining a large number of clients off the Internet. But in my mind, I knew it was inevitable.  I knew that if I kept blogging and delivering good content within niche practice areas that the traffic and clients would come. 

The reality is that I believed well before the reality.  I was only a few months off my prediction.  In a relatively short period of time, more and more clients did come. Now, approximately 50 percent of my business comes off the Internet.

Did believing it would happen, make it happen?  No, not directly.  But believing that it would happen caused me to wake up each day and deliver more valuable content.  My belief in the inevitable drove the result because it drove my actions.  My actions built a foundation.  That foundation created potential.  In the end, I realized the potential.

The moral to the story is this.  If you don’t believe in yourself, you drastically reduce the chances for success. 


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