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What Will You Build on Your Foundation.

Everyone everywhere is standing on their own foundation of possibilities.  Everyone’s foundation is different although everyone’s foundation is connected.

Let’s face it, not everyone has every opportunity equally available to them.  Our experiences are unique.  The place where we are standing at any given moment of life is unique.  But everyone has their own opportunities at any given moment in time.

The dreamers are the ones who are standing on a foundation that could never support their desire.  Their goal is unrelated to their foundation in many instances.  So what makes the difference between a dreamer and an achiever?  A dreamer dreams of possibilities, unlimited in their nature and scope.  An achiever sees the possibilities and either builds the foundation necessary to see those possibilities come to fruition or exploits the opportunities already available to them.  An achiever keeps overcoming the next apparent obstacle, continually building on their foundation.  Their goal may be out in the future, but they are undaunted by moving down the field of play in order to get there.  An achiever realizes you just don’t wake up in the end zone.

Sometimes dreamers hit the first obstacle and they give up.  Some dreamers can only conceive of things in their mind but cannot execute them in their real life.  An achiever is a blend of person who has no problem rolling up their sleeves and forcing themselves onto the universe and push hard for a certain result.  An achiever is do-er, constantly participating in and compelling motion.  An achiever is someone with enough creativity to constantly be solving problems or, even better, turning those problems into assets.  Achievement demands motion and action.  Achievement also demands vision and creative (in contrast to critical) thought.


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