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Standing in Front of Brian’s House Waiting for Bar Results

Do you remember when you were waiting for your bar results?  I’m standing with Brian and Mark in front of Brian’s house.  We’re waiting for Eric the mailman who is two houses away.  Even though everyone else got their bar results yesterday in downstate Detroit, northern Michigan bar results don’t arrive until today.  There’s two houses left before Brian finds out whether or not he passed the bar.

What’s the point of the bar exam anyway?  Does it really become an indicator of success?  Do you lawyers that pass the bar exam on their first try automatically become good lawyers? 

Well, Eric’s almost here.  We’ll let you know how Brian does if he passes.  If he doesn’t, this will be the last post on the matter…



If his middle initial is "A", everything's golden. ;-)

Peter Olson

Even here in the "progressive" state of IL bar results are on the Web.

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