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Visualizing Your Legal Future

I’ve been posting a lot recently on how and why things in life happen.  In starting this law firm, I clearly took some level of risk.  It always seems strange to look back on your start-up experience.  In retrospect, it seems slightly crazy.  The timing of my departure was all wrong.  I had approximately five trials coming up which would have dominated all of my time.  Several of the trials were contingency fee trials for which I would have no immediate revenue.  I told my law firm before taking any affirmative steps to start-up the business.  This meant I had very little runway to take off from. 

So how did it all work out?  How did everything fall into place?  The answer has very little to do with realistic expectations, logical business plans or the like.  The truth is that our law firm launched because of my unwavering knowledge that it would. I didn’t “believe” I could do it.  I didn’t plan to insulate myself against failure.  I didn’t have an expectation of success.  I knew as sure as I’m sitting here today that my firm would succeed.  I knew my websites would drive business.  I knew my alternative billing model would be superior to the ones offered by other firms. 

It was my absolute knowledge (notice I didn’t say faith) that I would succeed which caused the success.


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