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At this point in blogging history, there are lots of different types of blogs. Many blogs are like this one. They’re educational and informative in nature. They are noncommercial journals of sorts generating thought and commentary.

Approximately four years ago, I started blogging about niche legal practice areas. At that point, blogging to generate business was on the cutting edge. In fact, many bloggers were commenting that blogs were inherently non-commercial in nature. There was a bit of a stigma to using blogs in a commercial fashion. My thinking was that people would go to the web to identify professionals who had published information about the niche legal practice area with which they were presented. An auto accident victim would go to the web to determine what their rights were. A company owner would go to the web to learn about non-compete issues on the cusp of hiring a new top-level employee. A start-up web company would do Internet research to determine whether or not the name they are thinking about for their company has cybersquatting or trademark issues associated with it.

In short, I began blogging for business. Today, there are lots of niche practice area blogs out there authored by lawyers who want to show off their particular expertise. If you are considering launching a blog, you need to decide initially what your purpose will be. Are you looking to express your first amendment rights about a particular subject? This Greatest American Lawyer Blog is a great example of what I call a first amendment blog. If your goal is to drive business, however, you need to think outside the box. The format and style of your blog needs to be fundamentally different than what you see here. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing all of our knowledge about blogging for business. We will be showing you specific examples of how we have designed our commercial blogs to show off our expertise in various niche practice areas, and the style of writing which we believe provides you your best chance of converting web surfers into clients. As individuals and top-level executives go to the web at an increasing rate to find lawyers with expertise in niche practice areas, you want to be standing on page one of the organic Google results. We are going to show you how.

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