Showing Off Your Expertise
Get Vertical! And Get Blogging.

Different Blogging Styles Achieve Different Results.

There are lots of blogging styles out there. There are lots of different agendas being promoted by lawyers. Carolyn Elafant over at the blog promotes small and solo firms to other lawyers and as an alternative for potential clients to consider. She does a great job promoting the solo practitioner.

But the type of blog I want to talk about is somewhat different. It is a blog that establishes very narrow, vertical niche expertise. It is a marketing blog which creates the potential to match a client with a particular problem with the lawyer, who has expertise in solving that problem. This style of blogging is a great example of vertical marketing and can be found here.

As you will see from the example blog at our law firm, we specialize in cybersquatting, typosquatting and domain name dispute matters. We have a blog that is devoted to cybersquatting news and cybersquatting cases, both under the ACPA and the UDRP. Clients who type in "cybersquatting lawyer" on Google find that our firm is ranked in the first three results as illustrated here.

I’ll be talking more about clients who find us on the web this way. For now, take a look at our domain dispute and cybersquatting blog and notice that it immediately establishes our expertise in this practice area.


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