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Fulfill Your Potential

I have never presumed myself to know much about anything.  I don’t pretend with myself.  I don’t pretend with my children.  All the greatest mysteries in life are to be discovered on an individual basis. 

But I do try and bring home one message.  We were all put on this earth to fulfill our potential.  Everyone’s path is their own.  But you need to work diligently throughout the course of your entire life to find and navigate that path.  At the end of the path lies your special talent, your fundamental purpose and your sense of fulfillment.

Like most parents, I know there is only so much that we can teach our children.  But I have to say that this last weekend has been pretty special.  I spent eight solid years on the bunny hill snow plowing on my Telemark skis.  Even finding my way to the blue runs didn’t help much.  For eight years, I have had one kid on a harness while skiing.

This year is the first year I’ve been able to take telemark turns despite the fact that I’ve owned Telemark Skis and equipment for eight years.

My Son Echo is fairly cautious.  He does not take chances. As a father pushing potential, this bothers me.  But I’ve always tried to be patient.  This weekend, Echo made up a poem which blew me away.  It was so different than anything he’s ever said or thought before.  That tells me that he listens to the things I try to teach.  In his own words, here is a poem from my son which I could not be more proud of:

Try, try, try until you are at your best.  And when you’re at your best, try some more until you’re at the best you can ever be, and when you’re at the best you can ever be, try even more.  Never give up! [Download Listen_to_Echo.wav (2335.6K)]



Well put Echo. As one of my favorite movies, a Bronx Tale, says: "There's nothing worse in life than wasted talent." We should all grasp the unique talents we have and use them to the best of our ability.

You may be born with certain gifts, but only by never giving up do you truly use your talents.

John Di Giacomo

I had no idea there was backcountry skiing up there. Are you skiing Sleeping Bear? I found this video of the guy that owns skiing "somewhere in Leelanau." I'm assuming it isn't Sugar Loaf, though I just saw in the Traverse City Business News that Sugar Loaf may have some life in it after all.

I spent this weekend up at Crystal, which had some decent snow, but nothing like that Telemark video!

John Di Giacomo

Oops, I forgot to post the video.

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