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They Don’t Call Me Nothin’ for Nothin’

My Son Fielding, who is eight, had a great quote the other day that I wanted to share.  He said, “They don’t call me nothin’ for nothin’.”

Now, I’m not so sure why these words struck me as so funny.  But they clearly did.  There’s something brilliant in those words.

Maybe it’s because we always want to think of ourselves as special.  Maybe it’s because we put ourselves on pedestals.  My Son Fielding points out that there’s no such thing as nothing.  Perhaps it was the way he said it with such enthusiasm and excitement.

I think I’m going to try and take myself less seriously this next week.  I’ve been on one of my over-focused, not enough vacation, impatient, creative, frustrated phases.  Maybe I just need to remember that most of things we think are the most important everyday really are nothing over the expanse of an entire life, let alone the life of the universe.  I think we all need to remember to take a big step back sometimes and take a healthier perspective on the relative trivialities of everyday life.  We have a lot more to offer to our families, clients and firm when we approach even the most serious things of the day with a healthy dose of perspective.


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