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Blogging: What Do You Have to Lose?

This Blog is My Blog, This Blog is Your Blog

Enrico, Mark, and I met last week to discuss our blogging efforts.  We all agreed that publishing content to our blogs and on other online trade journals are extremely important.  Not only does it allow us to broadcast our expertise across the world, but it also allows us to comment on the state of the law as seen through the eyes of other experts.  Moreover, it truly allows us to expand our knowledge base and hone our ability to effectively communicate our position on important and popular topics.  In fact, emerging areas of law receive as much attention through blogs as other material.

As we discuss the importance of blogging for our business, we also realize the importance of blogging for the Greatest American Lawyer.  Enrico made clear, as can be seen throughout the historical posts on the Greatest American Lawyer, that the Greatest American Lawyer is not one person.  Rather, it is an ideal.  As such, we are continuously striving as a firm and individual lawyers to become the Greatest American Lawyer.  There is no reason why all three of us should not be posting great information and content to the Greatest American Lawyer blog.

There are definitely days where I believe Enrico is in fact the Greatest American Lawyer.  However, I see his point and his vision through this blog.  As such, I will happily be posting more often than before.  Not only does it allow me to continuously strive to become what we envision to be the Greatest American Lawyer, but it also allows me to hone my ability to communicate, learn new technology areas that will advance our business, and continue to differentiate myself as a lawyer from the millions of others who practice law on daily basis.  So, keep an eye out for new information and happenings through the eyes of this Greatest American Lawyer. 



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