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Blawg Review # 145

If The Number '5' License Plate is Worth $6.8 Million, What Is Your Domain Name Worth?

The number "5" license plate sold for $6.8 million dollars in Saudi Arabia and another 300 vanity plates sold for another $56 million at last week's auction.  It is estimated that the number "1" will be auctioned next month for up to $20 million dollars.

The free market is just realizing the value of a domain name, driven by the fact that each domain name is unique and - typos and cybersquatters aside -  their 'one-of-a-kind' nature. Domain names are in many ways like lake front property (and yes vanity license plates).

Read the entire article and watch video here.


Aaron Larson

Some domain names are like a 50 acre oceanfront estate on a white sand beach in Hawaii. Others are like crack houses. (Not that you can't make money with a crack house, but it takes a different sort of personality and business model, and the money isn't actually in the real estate.)

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