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As mentioned in this recent post, I recently did a presentation for my local Bar Association on technology issues.  I’ve been so focused on changing the way law is practiced across the country, that I haven’t spent much time working with my home town.  Unfortunately, there is an unusual level of back stabbing and jealousy in my particular bar which dates back decades.  Apparently,  as new lawyers started to show up on what was considered to be “protected turf” by the lawyers who’ve been around for generations, gamesmanship became rampant.  For whatever reason, there is an unusually large element of our local Bar Association which could care less about comradery, professionalism and local support.  They only see themselves in competition with everyone else.

I am realizing for the first time that there is a large contingent of Bar Association members who are supportive of each other and exhibit all the best qualities of professionals.  In addition to inspiring attorneys across the country to adopt alternative billing strategies, emphasize client service and utilize technology for both their and their client’s benefit, I am realizing that there is an appetite right here at home for change.  As I approach my firm’s third anniversary, I am realizing that good deeds can begin at home.

I am proud and happy to report that three local attorneys Deborah Rysso, John Rizzo and Greg Kish (who attended my bar association presentation on technology) have started a “Michigan Elder Law Updates” blog.  What a perfect example of a niche/vertical blog which will provide infinite opportunities for these attorneys to show off their tremendous expertise (they are in fact a law firm focused on elder law issues), build relationships with other elder law attorneys and work their way up the Google algorithm for anyone searching for an “elder law attorney.”

Did I happen to mention some of the other benefits? Their clients will have a resource to become better educated.  They will be satisfying some of their pro bono obligations by providing free educational resources for the general population.  They will achieve a voice on the Internet concerning problems facing the elder law community. Rizzo & Associates has entered the Internet stream of commerce. 


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