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Solo by Choice

One of my favorite bloggers Carolyn Elefant over at the MyShingle.com blog has written a wonderful new book called “Solo by Choice.”  I just received a copy of the book last week and look forward to reading it.  I did get a chance, however, to skim through the table of contents and various chapters.  It is comprehensive!

Here is a list of some of the topics covered.

Solo By Choice has more than 300 pages of solid, practical advice on these topics: Making the Great Escape ... Getting Started ... Setting Up Office ... Selecting Practice Areas ... Handling Clients ... Billing & Fees ... Generating Revenue ... Outsourcing ... Marketing in the Digital Era ... FAQ's on starting a firm from BigLaw, government, law school ... and Part-Time Options for parents.

I highly recommend that anyone considering solo or small firm practice read this book.  Carolyn has provided detail beyond any expectations. 


Carolyn Elefant

Hi Enricho - please note that you are mentioned on page 57 (your post on "who owns the blog" was an impetus for discussing this issue) and also mentioned in the chapters on outsourcing for pioneering the use of virtual law clerks.

Rick Lax

Is "solo by choice" kinda like those people who say they're "single by choice"? Because if so...yeah...that's not a choice.



Here is what solo lawyers face: everyone (aka stupid nonlawyer idiots morons) wants a lawyer, but nobody wants to pay.

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