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You Know You Work For A Great Firm When ..

... you decide it is time to leave, the firm says something like this, as reported at teh WSJ Law Blog.

Herman’s departure ends his 16-year relationship with Woody Jameson, the head of Duane Morris’s IP group. Yesterday he waxed nostalgic about his now former colleague, whom he recruited to King & Spalding in 1992. “I took him to lunch at the Commerce Club,” he told the paper, and “we’ve been working side by side ever since.” He went on: “We are very best friends. On a personal level, I am very sad that we’re not going to be practicing law together anymore. On a professional level, I completely understand what John is doing and why he’s doing it.”

“It’s a side of law that he’s been keenly interested in and it’s something that you have a very difficult time doing on a big firm platform that doesn’t really specialize in plaintiff’s contingent fee cases on a fulltime basis,” he continued. “Who knows? Maybe he’ll get great plaintiffs’ experience and come back to the defense side one day.”

Big boy lawyers and big boy firms don't worry about departures.  Solid firms go on to prosper inspite of departures and need don't cry sour grapes, circle the wagons or launch smear campaigns.   


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