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The Power of a Good Vacation

I just returned from a ten-day vacation to Colorado with family.  We went resort skiing, I went on a Backcountry 10th Mountain Division Hut Trip and then spent some time in Boulder with friends. 

I think we constantly underestimate the importance of taking time off and unwinding from the daily grind.  We owe it to ourselves, our families and our clients to be on top of our game.  That can’t occur unless you unplug every once in a while.

The thing I have noticed most since returning to work is that I do not sweat the small stuff near as much as I was in the months leading up to my vacation.  After grinding it out day after day for months on end, the little things start to catch up with you.  You ability to reasonably prioritize and emotionally deal with those little things is compromised.  In short, I am a better lawyer today than I was when I left on my vacation.  When was the last time you unplugged? 


Matthew S. Crider

I couldn't agree more. Sometimes we get so caught up in minutia that we can't see the forest through the trees. The great thing about technology is you can work all the time. The bad thing about technology is you can work all the time.

I've been jonesing to go to Colorado for a while now. I may have to bump it up on the trip list.

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