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Earth Day 2008, Law Firms Going Green

Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22, 2008.  Our law firm has been digital since day one.  This means we use a small fraction of the paper that most law firms use.  I would estimate it to be at something in the range of 10% of a normal law operation.  In many ways, we have been green since day one.  We recycle, use low wattage fluorescent lights where possible, equalize our heating system, ensure that large cardboard boxes make it into the recycle dumpster, ride our bikes to work where possible, reduce travel by conducting GoToMeetings and a variety of other activities.  Of course, we do many of these things for our own business purpose.  They happen to also have a positive effect on the environment.

We are in the process of taking the next level towards becoming a “green law firm.”  We are developing internal policies and incentive programs in order to round out our green existence. 

What we need now is ideas from you.  We have been unable to locate a certification authority for green law firms such as ours.  So we set out to develop our own policies and standards. 

If anyone is aware of a certification authority or has other ideas for enhancing our “greenness” please comment below.  It is our hope to inspire other law firms to go green as well. 


John D.

I was thinking about this the other day after reading Carolyn Elefant's blog and it is great to see you guys taking this step. There was a great interview done recently by National Review Online with TJ Rogers of Cypress Semiconductor. The host asked Rogers why he, a notorious anthropogenic climate change skeptic, had purchased a solar panel firm. He replied, "Because green is green." I guess the lesson is that even skeptics know the non-moral value of economic market pressures!

Stephanie Kimbro

Glad to find this blog with other forward-thinking attorneys! I run a completely virtual law office powered by VLOTech and my office is paperless. I write a blog, The Virtual Practice, at, that discusses my "green office."

There is a "green certification" that the Greenline Paper Company sponsors here:
In order to get the certification for your office, you have to answer a series of questions to test how "green" your office is and then it is scored. I found the process interesting and the questions for certification provide good examples for going green.

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