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Introducing Virtual Paralegal Lisa Gibson

I received an email from Paralegal Lisa Gibson the other day concerning possible virtual paralegal positions.  As mentioned in this previous post, we will now be promoting any virtual worker in the legal industry who's got their own website.  If you want to be featured, simply send an email to Greatest.American 

Here is the link to Lisa Gibson and Legal Office Services.

Quality Legal Services at Affordable Prices

11closeupbook1evel I am Lisa Gibson, a Paralegal since 1988. I provide Paralegal and Legal Secretarial services for attorneys and law firms from my home office in Maryland. Let me tell you a little about me. I am "Virtually" and "Traditionally" accomplished in helping attorneys and law offices. My services are done by free pick up and delivery, U.S. Mail, Express Mail, Email, Facsimile Transmissions and courier service.

In this day and age, much of the work that I do can be done “virtually.” In these changing times and for the more Internet fluent attorneys, I am also known as a “Virtual Paralegal, Virtual Legal Secretary and even a Virtual Legal Assistant.” The term “virtual” relates to a growing support system that enables me to perform most of my legal services for you “virtually”, that is-- online, via email and the Internet. Some attorneys prefer a more face-to face approach with their work being picked up and dropped off in the old fashioned way-- and that is happily done and encouraged as well!

Virtual Paralegals for Hire

As you all know, I'm a big fan of virtual workers.  Every month, we get dozens of emails and unsolicited  résumés from virtual paralegals, law clerks and even lawyers who wish to work for our firm.  There is no question that there is a ready supply of virtual workers for the legal services market. 

In an effort to help promote the benefits of virtual workers and especially virtual paralegals, we will start a new message category called "Virtual Paralegals for Hire."  If you are a virtual worker who wants the Greatest American Lawyer blog to promote you and your website, just send us an email at Greatest.American and we will feature you here

Virtual workers offer a tremendous advantage to law firms.  They work as independent contractors on a flex schedule.  If you don't have work for them to do, you don't have to send them work.  If you get busy all of a sudden or need a quick turnaround, you can tap into your virtual worker pool and kick things out quickly and easily.  Every law firm struggles with the question of when to hire that next staff member.  While you will certainly pay more on an hourly basis for a virtually, you will not be strapped with the overhead of office space, employee benefits, health care, and a permanent employee (by weekly paychecks).  Give it a try.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.    

The Relationship between Quality and Origination

Every law firm has to grapple with the issue of bringing in new clients, and starting new projects for existing clients.  For the purposes of this post, I will refer to both concepts as origination.

Origination can occur in a variety of different ways.  Many lawyers originate by going out to the golf club, yacht club or rotary club in order to meet new people and essentially solicit their business. 

But the best way to originate is to simply focus on quality.  During periods where the firm is doing the best quality work, new clients tend to find their way to our front door and old clients approach us with new projects.  There is no better business card than a satisfied client.  Quality is the ultimate origination tool.