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The Etiquette of Email

I think we all know not to turn our caps lock button on when we send email by this point in Internet history.  However, the rise of text messaging has created a shift in email etiquette.  Email recipients are much more willing to accept short cryptic messages sent by text through a Blackberry, Palm or otherwise.  In fact, using short hand and abbreviations is commonplace.  I often wondered whether the advent of text messaging has spilled over into the email arena. 

Short cryptic responses in email are sometimes inevitable.  But much of the time they are not received well by the recipient who may feel that the lack of attention suggests that they are being nuisanced, that their question wasn’t appropriate, that you don’t have time for them or other negative implications. 

I think it is important that when we send emails, we try and retain as many of the formalities of a signed, dated and transmitted letter as possible.  A three sentence response may still be appropriate, but it is my belief that the expectations of the recipient are still fairly high.  Don’t let the text message mentality spill over into your email account.  You may find that you are sending all the wrong messages to the people most important to you. 


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