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The Relationship between Quality and Origination

Every law firm has to grapple with the issue of bringing in new clients, and starting new projects for existing clients.  For the purposes of this post, I will refer to both concepts as origination.

Origination can occur in a variety of different ways.  Many lawyers originate by going out to the golf club, yacht club or rotary club in order to meet new people and essentially solicit their business. 

But the best way to originate is to simply focus on quality.  During periods where the firm is doing the best quality work, new clients tend to find their way to our front door and old clients approach us with new projects.  There is no better business card than a satisfied client.  Quality is the ultimate origination tool. 


Chuck Newton

I think you need both, and I believe that is what you are saying. You have to get the original client in the front door but you are neither going to keep the client or get new business if you do not do a good job (which by the way does not always mean to win or prevail on an issue because sometimes that is impossible). As for me, I do not do golf and yacht clubs, but trade meetings and organizations are nice.

Enrico S.

Chuck: I agree. The client needs to get through the door. But as the old saying goes "It is easier to keep an exiting client than to find a new one." I worked for firms which churned though clients like they were disposable razors. Suck em dry and turn em loose. Imagine how successful they would be if they were as good at keeping existing clients than they were at bringing new ones through the door?

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