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Dominik Mueller at the Domain Name Blog has a fascinating post on “Blogging Trends” which is definitely worth reading and includes a video from ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse.  Blogging is still the easiest way to generate content on the web.  Those of us who have been around a long time certainly realize that blogging takes a lot of time and energy.  It will be fascinating to see how blogs continue to develop and evolve.  My prediction is that someone will come up with a much more cost-effective way to generate category-killer content within the blogs niche area (actually, we have launched a company which achieves these exact goals. The launch is scheduled in three weeks).

Just watched an interesting video post from ProBlogger on the future of blogging. ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse was asked what he thought would be emerging trends in blogging. He said that there were five important trends he had been observing, namely:

  • Multiple-author blogs
  • Multi-topic blogs
  • Blogs converging with other types of sites
  • Portal-like design
  • Indirect monetization

As you will see, the bigger domain industry blogs are already following some of these trends. For example, and are multi-author blogs, most domain blogs are converging with web 2.0 sites too, and a couple of bloggers are indirectly monetizing their blogs by offering their own services and expertise to readers.

Here's the video:


Enrico S.

I woudl add to this list the following items:

- full integration of blogs with brochure web sites.
- content gernation tools such as which generate deep category killer content with much less time committment than blogging.
- increasing push toward vertical content on blogs.
- luanching of different blogs within each vertical niche, rather than trying to cram all content onto a single blog.

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