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No Woman Who Behaved Ever Changed History

I saw a t-shirt the other day that said “A woman who behaves never changes history.”   The t-shirt struck me for several reasons.  First, because I have had the pleasure of representing three amazing women who started a Digg site for women, now called The website quickly exploded with traffic much to the surprise of the founders who now run one of the highest traffic women-centric portals on the internet.

The viral success of is in part a result of the fact that women do come together over many issues in a way that is cohesive and loyal.  These women are in many ways pushing at the edges of traditional media and, as a result, are provoking change.  The concept of 'misbehavior' as a foundational element of progress is one I wholeheartedly agree with.  In many ways this Greatest American Lawyer Blog is designed to present alternatives to the current model of legal services and provoke change.  I received the courage to leave my old partnership to start the firm Traverse Legal because I saw other bloggers writing about issues such as alternative billing, flat fee billing, new client service models and changing the way law is practiced.  The notion that other people existed 'like me' was both powerful and liberating.

There is something and artistic about free speech and blogging.  Many days, the posts I write feel like I am “misbehaving” in that I am saying something controversial or promoting ideas which clearly at odds with the present protocol.  Without people who are willing to push on the edges of normalcy, innovation will never occur.  Progress always requires a touch of anarchy.  “A woman/lawyer/politician/businessperson/wife/husband/child who behaves never changes history.”

A public shout out to my clients and new friends at for having the courage, vision and talent to push the edges and create a framework which gives the female voice a larger presence  on the still largely male dominated internet.  From their about page ....

kirtsy is a social media platform of pure goodness. A plaza for the peachy. A portal to the pretty. A place to find cool things. To read smart scoop. To connect with fab ideas, exceptional people, useful information, excellent products. All of it. And more.

kirtsy is just like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better.

I have little doubt kirtsy will change history in its own way, as it continue to build a cohesive community of people (men included) around woman's issues whose voices will now be amplified as a result of their efforts.



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