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We have just completed phase one of our redesign for  Because we started our blogs a long time ago using, we had to face a difficult choice.  We could either export our TypePad feeds into a brand new blog under the domain or stick with TypePad.  If we launched a brand new series of blogs, we would have essentially lost all our incoming links.  We decided to stay with TypePad and design our law firm website around our 9 niche blogs.

If you navigate our website now, you will notice that the static/brochure style web pages have the exact same design as the blog pages.  Navigation is perfectly seamless between blogs and the website.  Even cooler, the last three blog post from each of our niche blogs are pulled onto our homepage as news feeds.  The result is a professional website with dynamic content in each of our practice areas.  We believe that the design at represents the future of law firm websites.  There should be no distinction between the dynamic content that is generated by blogging and the primary website of the law firm.  After all, blogging is just an easy way to post great professional, expert content.  While many attorney blogs are completely separate from the main website, or are accessible off the main website but incorporate a distinct design, colors and logos, it is quite simply no longer necessary to separate a professional blog from the firm website.  They should be seamless in design and navigation. 

Check it out for yourself at  You will see the blogs listed along the right-hand margin.  Welcome to the future of law firm website design!  As always, your thoughts, feedback and input are welcome.


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