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Central Florida Paralegal Opens Virtual Assistance Company

February 2008 – ChampionsGate, FL

Paula Matthews, a central Florida paralegal with over 20 years’ experience  working with several top rated attorneys, recently started her own Virtual Assistance (VA) company, i-Administrative Services, LLC.

i-Administrative Services, LLC will be providing small law firms and sole practitioners with virtual legal assistance, specializing in, but not limited to, civil litigation, corporate law and contract review and negotiation. The goal is to provide accurate work product in a timely manner to maximize clients’ productivity and save clients’ money.

A Virtual Assistant is not a temporary employee but an independent contractor who establishes long standing business relationships with clients who do not require a full-time employee. The benefit to the client is no overhead expenses, no cost in paying benefits, taxes, workers’ compensation, sick and holiday pay.

For further information, contact:
i-Administrative Services, LLC
(863) 398-3840
(407) 997-2931



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