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Here is an interesting post from the eBiz Insider titled “Why “SMALL” is BIG in E-commerce”.  I have often said that small law firms have a tremendous advantage in the current market because the can deploy technology and rework their internal processes in such a short period of time.   Large law firms are typically stuck with their software purchases and attendant process for three to five years after commitment.  Then they have the nearly impossible task of getting everyone to buy into the new system and use it. 

Here are the seven reasons noted by eBiz Insider as to why small is big in e-commerce:

Reason #1: Now the big boys are playing by YOUR RULES!!!
Reason #2: You are more motivated…
Reason #3: You are more fluid.
Reason #4:  They never EVER have good ideas.
Reason #5: When someone has a good idea—they don’t stop until they screw it up.
Reason #6: You listen. They don’t.
Reason #7: You know the Internet shopper better than they do.

I would say that this is very interesting reading for large and small law firms as well as any e-commerce business.  As you know, we represent e-commerce companies in a variety of transactions.  It is amazing how quickly a small e-commerce company can grow and drive revenue.  Once they get to a certain size, it is much harder for them to change. 


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