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Imagine a University Which Teaches You How to Become a Solo Practitioner?

Many lawyers started out there careers as solo practitioners.  I started my law firm traverselegal.com, which is now three partners, and numerous other virtual workers, in size as a solo practitioner.

There is a relatively new blog out there called Solo Practice University run by Susan Cartier Libel.  Here’s the blog description which you should definitely check out:

So, what is the promise of Solo Practice University? Solo Practice University is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art web-based educational and networking community for lawyers and law students unlike anything you may have seen. This sounds like a tall order but we are going to deliver.

Imagine the following:

You are part of an on-line continuing legal educational community devoted to the solo practitioner where you can learn (in no particular order) how to:

    * create a virtual law office (vlo)
    * conduct a deposition
    * build a family law practice
    * buy the best software and hardware that’s right for your practice today and tomorrow
    * market your services overseas
    * select a jury
    * avoid (or deal with) grievances
    * create a contract lawyering business
    * buy the right insurances and the right amount of insurance
    * buy the right time management, accounting software programs, web-based client-management tools
    * become an employment lawyer
    * use virtual assistants effectively
    * “un”- shingle when the time is right
    * determine the best legal entity for your practice
    * network to bring in your ideal client
    * get and keep good clients
    * juggle the demands of work and life
    * create alternative billing to the billable hour
    * deal with the media on a high profile case
    * create a web presence that actually brings in business
    * learn the ins and outs of trust accounts
    * construct a criminal defense
    * become an entertainment lawyer

and so much more….



Sounds fantastic! Definitely interested here.

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